We set off a little worried about the snow we might encounter around Dijon. This proved to be a minor problem and we reached our B&B at the Maison de Plumes just south of Calais in good time.Our hosts could not manage dinner that evening but had booked us into CHATEAU DE BEAULIEU


This hotel does have a Michelin two star restaurant but also a jazzy brasserie which is where we ate , and ate very well for  a 29 euro menu.

Our bedroom was the exotic Paroquet room and after inching our way back on icy roads  it was a welcome haven.

Paroquet Room

The End of a Long Day

The next day we set off for the chunnel  after a breakfast of fresh eggs and warm croissants. All went smoothly till we reached Kent.The snow was so bad it had closed the M2. The M20 was almost impassable, lorries slid to a halt blocking lanes and causing chaos.We drove a slalom and left miles of tail back as we joined the north bound M25.We battled through Essex  to reach Colchester. Here we were snowed in for two days before snow ploughs cleared  the road enough for us leave for Oxford.

The Road Cleared So We Can Leave

First Dig the Car Out


From Witney, near Oxford  we drove today to Wales. The temperatures continue below freezing and the roads are icy but we seem to have a little respite from the snow. Not so  in the North of England where my parents are still snowed in.


One response to “JOURNEY TO WALES

  1. That room is amazing! I especially want the bath.

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