Big Ben and the London Eye

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! as you see we were in London. We were lucky to be able to stay with our son which meant instead of the crowds we went onto the roof of his apartment building for a really good view.

Let the Fireworks Begin!

The fireworks were spectacular.

Fireworks behind Big Ben

We watched the view with some elderly residents and a group of young Polish party goers.We all shared champagne and party poppers.

Perhaps what Guy Fawkes hoped for.

This display beat Sidney


4 responses to “NEW YEAR IN LONDON

  1. The lights behind Big Ben is my favourite picture too. Well done Dad! x

  2. Wow I left it seems before the fireworks began! The roof seems to have had a bird’s eye view and of course a good phtographer might have been there too.

    The pictures are beautiful and I especially like the one with the lights behind big Ben.

    We miss you here and look forward to your return.

    Bonne Année

  3. Absolutely fantastic pictures. What a view!

  4. Fabulous pictures!

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