B&B Tales from a Landlady

In all the fuss about Taliesin I forgot to mention  that I have been at my sisters Bed and Breakfast while she is in London. Fortunately she has a competent lady who does breakfasts and changes rooms.

I do not make an efficient landlady!

Do you remember the Abbot and Costello sketch “Who’s on First?”.This is very much like the phone conversations after my sister takes a booking. ”Who’s in room one?”

So far I have managed to set off the fire alarm (toast),  fuse the electrics ,  had to replace a kettle in one of the rooms (not my fault) and move my daughter and granddaughter from room to room depending on bookings.Despite all this we are full. At the weekend we have an invasion from Norway. Ex students from Sunderland university retain their loyalty to Sunderland football club when they go back to Norway. Saturday is a local derby match against Newcastle, there is no room anywhere, everything booked the day fixtures are announced at the start of the season.

So despite the beach front looking bleak and cold we are very popular.This could change if I mess up anything else.

Sea Front in January


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