Market day in Abergavenny

Tuesday has always been the day for the Livestock Market in Abergavenny. Once all the local farmers arrived to trade cattle and sheep, bringing their wives to shop.The all produce market in the Market Hall and streets behind was hugely popular.This made parking difficult and an early start important.
I know I have lots to do on the cook book but the sun was shining so we headed for the hills.

Road to Abergavenny

The town lies at the base of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the gateway to the Brecon Beacons.This is fabulous hill walking country.

Forest on Hillside No lambs arrive yet.

The parking was easy and the town very quiet. Finding a table in our favourite pub was no problem.

A Quiet Abergavenny

The market seemed to have shrunk, though the area had been re-paved and tidied up.We bought homemade cakes on the market. There was a teapot and paint stripper from RICHARDS the traditional hardware shop.We then had to visit RAWLINGS the family butcher.

Famous Hand made Sausages

We can look forward to some solid meat , no fat or fillers in these sausages.We were spoilt for choice but decided on OLD SPOT with BRAMLEY AND SAGE, LAMB AND ROSEMARY and VENISON WITH PORT.
Bon Appetit!


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