I came up to London to celebrate Chinese New Year with our family here.

We started by house cleaning as no  cleaning is allowed over the celebration.

The house itself is then decorated.

Wall Decorations

Food takes a high priority and many ingredients have to be soaked  or marinated in advance.

Prep with a difference

Lily buds, roasted gluten, bean curd sheets, dried  wood ear fungi,  shitake mushrooms, and good old dried poly gonatum or yuk chuk.

New Year Sweet Box

The Chinese Sweet box , hand carved and stained bright red was filled with special Chinese sweetmeats to sweeten the entry into the New Year. Candied/sugared lotus seed and lotus root, winter melon, coconut and loquat.

The Year of the Rabbit

In case you didn’t know …its the year of the Rabbit. How lucky this will be for you will depend on the animal year you were born in.

We went to ChinaTown to buy fresh groceries.

London China Town

Supermarket Chinese Style

Dragons Beard Candy

Chinese Bakery

When the push chair was well loaded we caught the bus home.On New Years Day we wore some new clothes and if possible something red.Isabelle was the best dressed.

A Cute Chinese outfit

The banquet Jessie cooked was fabulous, just look at the ingredients.

Ingredients for Budda's FEAST

For dessert we had a slice of date cake dipped in egg and fried.

Date Cake

The celebrations  continue over the weekend with a big parade in China Town and a children’s Chinese Day in the British Museum.I will let you know how it goes.


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