Gong Hey Fat Choy/Gong Xi Fa Cai

This is a continuation of our Chinese experience…… more food ! My daughter in law prepared the fillings and we were challenged to make dumplings.

Uncooked Dumplings

Half pork based and half vegetarian  our production line managed over 100.

They looked like mini Cornish pasties.Each of us had a different way to crimp the edges, this made it easier to see whose cooked well and whose burst.

We also had tea smoked duck eggs.

Wonderful Duck Eggs

For dessert we stuffed pancakes made of glutinous rice flour with red bean paste.These were rolled into balls ,cooked and served in a sweet ginger soup.

Sweet Soup made of Fresh Ginger and Rock Sugar

On Sunday we managed to get into China Town for Dim Sum .The dragon dancers arrived demanding their Lycee money and when we left there was a long queue for tables at the door.

Just beating the crowds for Lunch

By the Wishing Tree the road was packed. Throwing an orange in its silk bag to snag in the tree was difficult.

The Wishing Tree

With two small girls we decided to head for the Cultural Show at the British Museum.Here in comfort and warmth we watched fabulous Chinese Dancers and Martial Arts performers normally students in London.

The Dragon Dance

We enjoyed the Dragon Dance without being deafened by fire crackers. The girls loved the dancing with fans.

Beautiful Cross between Ballet and Gymnastics

When the older children were invited to go on stage to learn Kung Fu our 2 two year olds rushed up to win their New Year stickers. they were quite a hit.

Our Two Tiny Performers

We all had a wonderful weekend and were very grateful to Jessie for teaching us so much.

Chinese New Year 2011


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