Visiting family so had a day in Oxford.This time not to stare at the spires but to buy new shoes for our two-year old grand-daughter.

Blue skies in Oxford

We decided to have a pub lunch.This one off the High was not in its original state as it had been refurbished in 1500.

Pub History

The courtyard led into a deserted bar as we were early for lunch.

Always explore Alleys in old English Towns

The special was sausage and mash , but wild boar and apple… delicious !

Menu of the Day


Once settled the undergraduate population resplendent in gowns and button holes arrived.It was interview week for post grad positions so some wore white carnations and those at the end of their ordeal red.

Soon the place was filled with lively banter.Bright young voices full of energy and fun.One exchange which made us smile,

“I just don’t  get dressage!”

“Oh Pippa adores it , its  so her….. ballet with horses!”

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  1. My that’s one fine looking city!

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