Vineyards and Cook Books

The weather in Wales is glorious and makes staying indoors impossible.After a morning sorting out the purchase and shipping of the cook book we decided to go out and celebrate.

Crickhowell High Street

Crickhowell is the next village up from Abergavenny and as you can see the Brecon Beacon range is on its doorstep. For my French friends here is another British pub with excellent food.

The Dragon Inn

Check it out on http://www.DRAGONCRICKHOWELL..CO.UK

Here is the real surprise on the way back we called in on a local vinyard.I had heard that to clear the land on the Sugar Loaf Mountain to grow vines had been difficult.The bracken was impossible to dig out and eradicate.They resorted to pigs who let loose dug up and ate the roots before the vines could be planted.

A Welsh Wine Cave complete with Stream

We were disappointed to see the wonderful Welsh Cheese Platter on offer, we didn’t realise they offer lunch and had just eaten.

Information on the Vineyard

I will leave you to read more info on the vineyard , but show you the beautiful setting.

Vineyard in Wales

The climate restricts them to white wine production , British in taste with the strong elderberry flavour, but it was smooth , clean, crisp and fruity without being sweet so we bought some. Cannot resist the “coals to Newcastle” and take back wine to Provence.

A Welsh Wine List

The big news of the week is that the cook book is on its way to France, once distributed there I will bring some back to the UK. If everyone is patient buying from me puts so much more into the fund so please check out the web site to place an order.

Taliesin with his cookbook


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