Sea, Sunshine and Islands

Well the weather has turned to summer mode and sent me hunting in the loft for suitable clothes to wear.The cook books arrived and I started to pound the sunny streets to sell them.Between that and setting up the gala evening to draw the French tombola , christened the TALBOLA , the stress levels began to rise.We used our wedding anniversary as an excuse to escape.There is an island just off the coast here where you are not allowed to take your car, you bike or hike and it is quite beautiful.

Ferry to the Island of Porquerolles

We had to set off early to reach HYERES and cross to the island in time for lunch.Very hungry I had one of the most unhealthy and yummy meals I have ever had.

Baked Camembert and chips

It was then the aim of the trip to walk it off.The island is crisscrossed with foot paths and bike ways. The main season starts at Easter so mid-week, it was very quiet .I would just like to share some of the views.

If only we had our own yacht !

Spring Olive Groves

The caterpillars who hatch  in the pine trees were on the march, best avoided as they are poisonous.

Nasty caterpillars march single file

We managed all three routes round the island, the seaward coast the most spectacular.

Fabulous coast looking out towards a troubled North Africa

Beautiful Calanques

We scrambled down to find a quiet cove with its own waterfall.

Water from inland arrives on the Beach

Our own Private Beach

The walks in the early evening were magical.

Calm Evening

Lingering Light

Fabulous Views

After a couple of days we felt much calmer and ready to come back and start up the campaign again.

View to the Fort

When we got back we had an interesting discovery on the patio.

A Snake with a Lizard stuck in its Jaws


He managed to slowly digest it and head off for a rest in the flower beds.

Now to replenish the book store who have sold out of the cook book …hurrah!

Tomorrow I will  buy the nibbles for the big bash on Saturday. Then prepare to introduce the next film at the village cine-club, can’t wait to hear BILLY ELLIOT in French .


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