Royal Wedding in Provence

Provence is known for its sunshine but on the morning of April 29th the worst storm for years hit the west of Aix en Provence.We woke to the alarm at 7-00 am confused because it seemed so dark, after the first roll of thunder we understood why. Fortunately in the lee of the St Victoire this time we missed the worst of it and by 9-00am things were beginning to brighten up.Plans to have all the flags and bunting in place before people arrived were impossible.

First was our neighbour Suzanne who had organised a cake stall and we tried to find a drier spot in the garden to set up.

Timetable of Events to keep the day organised

We kept everything to a tight schedule…. much to the amusement of the French.We displayed everyone’s wedding photographs to set the scene and inspire the wedding dress design which was one of our competitions.


The house took on a festive air risking the possible arrest of the hostess for flying foreign flags.

Coffee Time

As guests arrived to have coffee they were encouraged to buy raffle tickets for the British grocery store raffle and make bids in the blind auction for wedding memorabilia.

The Grocery Shop

When the time was called 11-11 am to be exact the indoor seats were filled to watch the BBC.

Comfy lounge seats filled first.

Ladies resplendent in red, white, and blue, were asked to remove their hats so as not to obscure the screen.

Three rows of seats held 18 guests

We even relayed the signal to the kitchen

Cheap seats in the kitchen held another 17 places

We loved every minute and of course everyone stood for GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.The royal hat was obviously YELLOW .A popular choice that needed a tie-breaker and won by Stella.Everyone thought Kate’s dress would be slinky so Carol won that one . Although PIPPA in that slinky bridesmaid’s dress stole the show.

We were lucky that Kate slipped out during the signing of the register to pay us a visit.

Eric tells Kate she is doing fine.

Once the ceremony was over like the royals we broke for lunch.

Delicious POTLUCK LUNCH as usual

By now the sun was back to shining from a bright blue sky and we settled on four large tables in the garden to eat.

Food and friendship in the sunshine

Between courses we dashed indoors to watch THE KISS and fly pass .Then back for dessert.

More Food

We were then ready for the toast.A wonderful speech  by Robin and we raised our glasses.

The mens group

Stella and Luna joining in

Robin toasts the newly weds

The winner of the ROYAL TRIVIA QUIZ  was Jane and she claimed her giant, rather damp, commemorative flag. After that we drew the raffle and had the Auction.There were some surprise bidders.Camilla fancied my mother’s hand knitted Tea cosy.

Camilla participating in the Auction

We had an unexpected winner for the PAXO sage and onion Stuffing Mix.

Looking suspiciously overfed.... WILLIAM!

There was a bidding war for the Playland ROYAL FIGURES  and then Betty’s SIMNEL CAKE.

We raised 470 pounds for Tal’s fund and even Queenie  joined  in the fun , though old age seems to be shrinking her.

Lizzie says lets boogie!

A big thank you  to all those who supported this event as the song says,


( thanks to Carol for sharing some of her Fab PHOTOS)


One response to “Royal Wedding in Provence

  1. Lovely account of a very nice gathering. Thanks again! (And I love your header photo of your home!)

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