Journey to the USA

It all started so well, we arrived at Heathrow almost at the same time. Taliesin waited with Grandad while Gethin helped unload the luggage.

Taliesin meets Grandad at Heathrow

Gethin helps unload the luggage

The weather had been so bad with serious storms around New york so all the incoming flights were late .It was announced we had a delay of three hours.We had to dash and rebook the connection to St LOUIS.

Tal finally gets to see his aeroplane

Finally on board

The boys were very good the whole way to Chicago, but then found the flight onwards had been cancelled due to a storm at St Louis another quick rebook.

Amusing the boys in Chicago

The security team for the domestic flight had obviously just been on a training programme.They nearly dismantled the wheel chair and checked Tals hands for traces of explosive ! I joke not Claire was very patient with them , or maybe we were all too tired to argue.
The final stage was the worst , first delayed so we were nowsix hours late we circled St louis as the storm had knocked out the lights at the airport and they threatened to re-route us.The pilot talked us down on emergency lighting.
There was a wonderful greeting by our fairy god father , Martian antennae , a clown nose and rainbow wings.

Arthur welcomes us to St Louis

Arthur had booked us into a different hotel as a huge charity walk in St Louis was to block off the centre of the city on Saturday.The hospital had tracked us down and all Tals info had been forwarded to our new hotel.After 25hours on the road we crawled into bed or rather a king size bed each and ooh those fluffy white towels…. sheer heaven.
Today we started at IHOP , International House of Pancakes… God Bless America!
Arthur brought us to our home for our stay.
When the boys had their afternoon nap Claire and I went shopping with Arthur.The fridge is full. We have just eaten dinner , bathed the boys and put them to bed. We are now about to go to bed ourselves and hope to wake tomorrow at a normal time….. goodnight all !


3 responses to “Journey to the USA

  1. As you have noticed, life is never straight forward! Good luck on Tuesday! Judith x

  2. Thrilled to get this update and pleased that you survived the journey.
    Lots of Love
    Mam and Dad
    via Paulinex

  3. What a start! Glad you’re all settled in and recovering. I can not believe they searched Tal’s wheelchair. Hope you’re all having a good sleep. X

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