Lazy Sunday

Well we all slept through to about 6-30 so my brain seems to have caught up with my body and I can take in our surroundings a little better.We cannot believe that we have been allowed to share this lovely family home. To be given access to someone else’s personal and private space is an enormous act of generosity. We intend to repay by guarding their privacy and not putting out any photos of the house….. to be clear this is not because it looks bad , quite the reverse. The area is quiet ,calm and very green.

Our leafy Area of St Louis

The boys are taking really good care of all the toys and books.They just went down for an afternoon nap like they were at home. This has made the rest of our stay much less stressful and is greatly appreciated.
We spent the morning on Skype waving at close relatives who are so anxious about TALIESIN. He wanted to get back to play with his OCTONAUTS but did manage to sing Happy Birthday to Uncle Martin.
For lunch we walked out to the St Louis Bread Company ,as recommended by our hosts, the BEN and JERRY’S of the bakers world.Fresh baked rolls, bagels, and flavoured breads made up into delicious sandwiches.

Bread Heaven

We then searched for the famous FROZEN CUSTARD SHOP. From 1927 an attraction on Route 66. Sadly it is not far from the house so could become a regular stroll.

Local Famous Landmark


We found another interesting shop on the way home.

Chocolate Shop

With the little boys asleep the big boys have gone for a practice run with the American car and the American Sat-NAV to find the hospital.Tal is due there tomorrow by 8-15 am.

Children's Hospital

The pack from the hospital is amazing.It details hourly everyday what to expect.They have a sibling playroom for Gethin and special visiting for Grandparents. They have all his appointments post op listed with place and physios named for the next month.Claire and Jon are very impressed with the patient and family care so far.There are two other British children at least having the operation this week.

Hospital Information Pack

So a story from grandma then bath and bed .Tomorrow he finally gets to meet Dr Park.

Story and Stickers


4 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Delighted to read that all went well and that Tal continues to make great progress, you must be thrilled and relieved.

    Love and hugs from all the Thompsonsxxx

  2. Nicola Howells

    will be thinking of you all tomorrow, Sending lots of hugs and kisses from the Bizzi day nursery girls x x x x x

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    Glad you all arrived safe although sounds like you had quite a journey! Shall be thinking about you all tomorrow and praying all goes well.
    Lots of Love

  4. Alison Morgan

    Sounds like you are settling in really well and that you have found all the important places! Bread, Chocolate and frozen custard – yummy!

    Hope all goes well with Dr Parks today.

    Big kisses and cuddles,

    Alison, Matthew & Evie

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