Monday and it all starts here!

We have an early start each day , but then we go to bed early anyway. This morning Richard drove Claire and Jon to take Taliesin for pre-op checks at the hospital. The first appointment at 8-15 am. We took Gethin to the supermarket Duerrs to stock up and keep him amused.
When we got home he had great fun in the laundry basket.

Gethin in the Laundry Basket

He has chosen this month to try potty training… just likes flushing the toilet! An extra challenge.

We met up at Lunch time at the hospital.Tal had asked every one from the reception desk onwards ,
‘Are you Dr Park ?”
Finally they got to meet, and Dr Park was very impressed by how excited Tal was to meet him. He also complimented Tal on how well he responded to instructions and how eager to please. It bodes well for the physio .

Taliesin meets Dr Park.

Taliesin was very pleased by how many stickers he won today already. Gethin screamed when we tried to get him out of the sibling play room. They both want to go back. (thank goodness)

We also met two other British families with girls a little older waiting for the op this week. We then walked back through the park and hope in a few weeks we might be able to take the boys to the Zoo which looks great. For today Gethin settled for the duck pond in the park with a cold juice.

Gethin by the Duck Pond

He enjoyed seeing the Stars and Stripes and sliding down the flag pole like a fireman.

Showing mummy the American Flag

Sliding down the Flag Pole

Tal is first on the list tomorrow so needs to be at the hospital by 5-45am. In Europe think of him about lunch time.It will take at least three hours for the procedure then into intensive care for 24hours . We will put out the ok as soon as we get it here back at the house, and there will be a short blog tomorrow night.


One response to “Monday and it all starts here!

  1. Ester Laushway

    We’re all thinking of you over here and waiting to hear from you again. Tal sounds like a little champion: he’ll come out of this brilliantly. Every day now takes him a step closer to walking!
    Love and good vibrations to you all.

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