Early start , Richard drove Claire ,Jon and Taliesin to the hospital at 5-15 am.He was first down to theatre at 7-00 am.That made the “no eating” rule easier.
We gave Gethin breakfast and waited on news.Jon called to say the operation had started and they were in a special parents waiting room.It started to rain, we were a little restless at home to say the least so decided to take Gethin out to a shopping mall.
We had a call to say Dr Park was pleased with the success of the op and Tal was in the recovery room.
It wasn’t long after breakfast but we decided to celebrate…. with ice-cream!

Gethin celebrates with mid-morning ice cream

Grandma spoiling Gethin

We headed home for lunch and another call to say Tal was now in intensive care.The debate was whether to visit.Jon and Claire were worried about Gethin and Tal but by then Gethin was down for his afternoon nap so we decided to wait and see.
When he woke up we headed to Gethin’s favourite place…. the local park.
Taliesin was stirring and upset that his back hurt.
Since they were organising more painkillers and obviously concerned for Tal who is a little distressed we have kept Gethin home.He has enjoyed his tea and we head now for bath and bed.
If Claire can tear herself away from the hospital Richard will go fetch her to come and get some sleep.We will go back in tomorrow and swop over so Jon can come home for a break.
This will be the pattern , a tag team till we hopefully get Tal home on Sunday.



  1. Hi Marilyn – am so very pleased the operation has gone well and that Tal is expected to be out of hospital on Sunday which would be excellent. Let’s hope he continues to make good progress towards that. I hope too that the Tag team gets a little rest in between stints – Take care all of you. Love J xxx

  2. nicola howells

    Im soo glad that it all went well please tell them we are thinking of them all x x bizzi day girls thanks nic x

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