Wednesday… a day at St LOUIS Children’s Hospital

We all set off for the hospital this morning , to see Tal and do a shift change-over for Jonathon who stayed the night.
The organisation is pretty slick and we all got special stickers to wear.

labels for Grandparents and Sibling (Gethin)

Heavily sedated Tal was still in intensive care so Richard drove Jon back to the house to shower and sleep while Gethin and I found the sibling play room.
Tal was on morphine and Valium all wired up ,drowsy and confused.

Tal in Intensive Care with Mum

Late morning they decided to move him up to the twelfth floor to his own room. One of the volunteers tracked Claire down to give her English Tea Bags from home as she had heard Claire say she would love a proper cup of tea.

View from Tal's Room on the 12th floor

Gethin was allowed a quick visit before lunch. Then Dr.Park stopped by to see him.

Tal sedated in his room

As the day wore on he became more aware and more uncomfortable with all the lines and monitoring.

Tal wired up in his room

Gethin discovered a beautiful tranquil roof garden to explore donated by well wishers to the hospital.

Time for Gethin to see Dad

Gethin enjoys the Roof Garden

Just as we, grandparents were about to take Gethin home for dinner/bedtime.Tal decided he might drink something. His nurse said if he drank some apple juice he could have a treat. Tal’s idea of a treat is chocolate but she did better than that and brought him chocolate ice-cream. When we left he was happily licking it off Mums spoon. Real signs of improvement.


3 responses to “Wednesday… a day at St LOUIS Children’s Hospital

  1. What a fantastic hospital! The garden and view are fabulous. Let’s hope Tal will start to feel more comfortable soon. X

  2. Ester Laushway

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date with Tal’s journey towards being able to walk.
    Our thoughts are with you: it must be hard to see him wired up, but wonderful to know that every day now he’ll be making progress. Childrean are so wonderfully resilient! The care facilties and staff over there sound fantastic!
    Much love from Provence

  3. Finally got the correct spelling again to enter the blog. Thanks Richard
    You all sound so organised, I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.

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