Thursday and another day on Ward 12

It would be a good time just to say how fantastic everyone is at the hospital .I am sure medically they are trained at the highest level then go to finishing school at Disney! It helps that the boys are so cute. Gethin goes everywhere wearing his “fishing hat” as they call it here.Volunteers around the hospital stop to give him bubble blowers, or colouring packs.He ran into the Sibling Play Room this morning without a backwards glance.This gives us the chance to visit Tal ,and read him a story while Claire and Jon grab a coffee.
Tal needs to be turned every four hours which is painful for him and is constantly telling us he is much better so can he come home. On the positive side his legs flop wide and relaxed for nappy change which is new. A gentle stroke of his toes got the response,
“Grandma put the blanket back on my feet!” very encouraging.
The lines are gradually being removed only one left for the Valium over night .
Just look at the effort the staff made to tempt him to eat breakfast

Pancake as a Teddy Face

He has spent the day listening to stories, playing with his cars and watching videos.

Tal doing his best to Play

We took Gethin out to the park this afternoon. Dr Park checked up on him and was again pleased with his recovery.Tal was also measured for new splints, and being the USA he had the choice of colour.Tal went for black with flames.He feels these will make his feet go faster.

Tal in bed

Well we took all the photo opportunities at the hospital yesterday so that’s it today… tonight Claire is sleeping over and Jon is with us.Early tomorrow he takes in Tals wheelchair for his first physio session.We will update tomorrow on his progress again.The ward is a haven of calm and efficiency.The staff are kind and encouraging we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, even some normal nights sleep and meal times. Maybe in a week or two !


3 responses to “Thursday and another day on Ward 12

  1. Hey what excellent early positive signs! It’s very hard to see your loved ones in intensive care, especially little ones but he’ll get the best of care and I’m sure will continue to do so now he’s moved out – and so quickly too which is so good.

    Take care

  2. I’ll second that

  3. Ester Laushway

    Hang in there — it must be so difficult to watch little Tal in such discomfort, but the worst is behind him, and he’ll soon have forgotten all about it!

    Our thoughts are with you,

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