Friday…another day at the hospital

Richard drove Jonathon in early with the wheelchair and walker as they were to be given a session on how to lift Tal into the chair and so give him a tour of the hospital outside his room.
Gethin stayed with me and enjoyed his favourite breakfast, we had managed to find Wheatabix.

Gethin enjoys breakfast

When granddad got back we managed to get Great Grandad and Great Grandma on SKYPE .They are both justly proud of how they are coping with the new technology.

Gethin speaks to the Great Grandparents

When we got to the hospital we were pleased to see Tal looking alert and happy.

Tal proped up in bed

He was pleased to tell us he had found the hospital shop and been allowed to spend some of his American dollars to buy some cars.

Tal shows grandad his new cars

We then met MAD MIKE his physio, looking like a former hippie this guy is a great character and Tal has really taken to him.
This afternoon he had his first proper session in the activity or as Tal prefers play room.

Mike helps turn Tal ready to get him out of bed

He seems able to sit better in his chair despite the discomfort

Tal pleased to be back in his chair

He was excited to find the playroom has a firemans pole so as an avid fan of FIREMAN SAM he had to try it , albeit with the help of three adults.
He has to have hour sessions in the wheelchair then an hour bed rest .On the next trip he bought a tube of Rollos from the shop, even ate the last one!

Asking for the last ROLO

We headed to the atrium where on the hour they play the theme from STAR WARS and mechanical flying machines swoop overhead.

Magnificent Flying Machines

When it was time to leave Tal cried because he wanted to come, and Gethin cried because he wanted to stay.Reports from Jonathon tell us he settled afterwards and Gethin certainly enjoyed his tea.

Gethin enjoying his Supper

Like everyone the boys have been very patient but would really like family life to get back to normal, or as close to it as we can manage with everyone staying in the same place.
Last full day at the hospital tomorrow.


One response to “Friday…another day at the hospital

  1. simone sanchette

    Hi , Lynne Alderson gave me the clue yesterday for getting this blog – I hope my comment reach for you to tell how much happy I am to read so many good news about Tall – I send my best wishes for his recovery –
    Ceci pour que vous n’oubliez pas votre français :
    Faites de gros bisous à Tal de ma part , il ne me connait pas, tant pis , dites-lui simplement , que je suis une française qui pense beaucoup à lui et à toute sa famille

    c’est formidable de recevoir de si belles photos qui montrent des enfants si bien entourés !
    simone – c’est la première fois que j’utilise un blog !

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