Saturday in St Louis

I forgot to mention that yesterday we had the most amazing storm.We got used to spectacular tropical storms in Florida, every afternoon about four o’clock in fact.Yesterday was at midday and was like a total eclipse. You can imagine the view from the top floor with successive lightning bolts and deafening thunder.One of the nurses said it should only last an half hour and smiled cheerily so we “ignored” it
However at 6-30 this morning at the house we had another that rattled crockery and shook pictures on the walls. The electrics went down and we hunted round with torches on mobile phones for candles.

Breakfast by Candlelight

We are told we wont miss the tornado warning, it’s very loud like the fire warning in France or an air raid siren.We all then head for the cellar and wait for the Yellow Brick Road.I will dream tonight of Dr Park in the Emerald City.

Claire went off for Tals 9-00 am physio which had to be postponed as the physio had called in sick.An hour later Tal was raring to go and amazed everyone by crawling without hesitation.

Tal tries crawling.... look at those feet!

The problem is slowing him down in case he falls or overdoes it.The staff think he is going for the record on the quickest recovery after surgery.

Tal eager to play

Enjoying the chance to move

He has had two sessions today and two rides around in his chair.He got the chance to visit the roof garden.

Tal visits the Roof Garden

Of course it had to be back to the shop as Grandad Lee had sent money to reward all his hard work so he could get ANOTHER car.At this rate we will need ANOTHER suitcase !
Gethin has been a really good boy today. We had lunch out together and he made a new friend at the park.He is coping well with the heat,eating everything and his language skills are improving daily.We let him have a good run round in the park.

Gethin on high walkway

Gethin tempted by cool water in the Heat

Richard brought Jon back tonight so Claire has the last night shift in the hospital.We look forward to getting the family back together tomorrow.


7 responses to “Saturday in St Louis

  1. This kid is just fantastic. Love to you all

  2. It is really amazing how resilient children are! Tal looks so well and Gethin – well he’s a miniature Jonathan to be sure! Hope Richard is feeling better. We so enjoy reading the blog everyday and are constantly thinking of you.

    Judith & Peter x

  3. So glad to see Tal smiling and making such astounding progress. Though exhausted you must be so pleased with these early results. We have copies of Argus for you and Claire/ Jon. Gethin seems to be enjoying himself too.
    No new grandchild yet.
    Love to all
    Ann + Nigel xx

  4. Fantastic!!!!! J x

  5. Tal smiling and in action — what a joy after the stressful days! Appreciate being able to share your days and see the places and people. Thanks, Marilyn.

  6. nicola howells

    Well done Tal we are all so proud of you, can’t wait for you to come back to show everyone your ‘good feet’. The parents at nursery are so chuffed that you are on the mend!!! x x love to you all

  7. Love seeing the pictures and really impressed with Tal! What a difference from the pic a few days ago and yesterday! Following your story everyday and it just gets better.

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