Sunday …. Father’s Day

We started with both dads going into the hospital so Richard could watch Tal do his physio this morning.

Tal heads for slide

He is crawling quite well though is still sometimes a little lazy and drags his feet.

Tal wearing his SUPERMAN suit

We are looking for signs of increased sensitivity in his feet and toes.

Tal tries stepping

Getting back to pre-op mobility levels usually takes three to four weeks. Al his unused muscles are very weak.Then we can hope to work on some improvement.
One session was considered enough today as he was then packed up and allowed home.Grandad drove very slowly and Gethin was pleased to see his brother.
We decided to celebrate by going to a nearby pub for lunch called LLEWELLYN’S …. yes a CELTIC PUB in St Louis.

Dad with Tal in the pub

Jonathon was surprised to see PORT TALBOT TUNA MELT on the menu!
Gethin enjoyed FISH AND CHIPS.

Gethin choosing his lunch

The food took an unusally long time to come so as soon as they had eaten we dashed back for naps as they and we are pretty exhausted.It has been a gentle afternoon at home letting the boys play.

Gethin found some big shoes

They enjoyed having tea together.


Since it was Fathers Day we managed to Skype Grandpa Lee


We will now set up a new routine for the next week , two adults with Tal for PHYSIO and two with Gethin, we will swop round duties so both boys get lots of time with Jon and Claire.
By the way now we are a bit more relaxed I must say how impressed we are with St Louis.It is a beautiful city.Lots of parks,the one in the middle bigger than Central Park with a Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Art gallery , Golf course, tennis, ice rink, ornamental lakes, streams etc…. you could take days just going for a walk in the park!
The university confused us we saw Washington Medical school and wondered why the annexe was here.The university is named after the first President , nothing to do with the other city.The campus has impressive buildings, the new ones matching the traditional architecture, and everywhere green lawns and mature leafy trees, very pretty.
Thank you to everyone for their encouraging messages.I have not got the time to answer you individually as the blog is getting an average of a hundred hits a day.Taliesin is a well loved little boy.


2 responses to “Sunday …. Father’s Day

  1. Lovely to see tal and Gethin together again. Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well done Tal. Keep up the good work and get those muscles working. There is a little pony down here waiting for you to be able to ride him next time you visit Provence so get those legs nice and strong. Love and encouragement to you all.

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