Monday Monday !

Last night was almost normal.The boys settled to bed so nicely after supper that Richard and I ventured out. We caught the last performance of Taming of the Shrew in Forest Park.They set it in 50’s America which was interesting.The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and a real treat.We hope we can babysit soon and persuade Jon and Claire to eat out or go to the cinema, if they are not too tired.

Shakespeare in the Park

Cannot believe it is a week since we registered Tal at the hospital and all adults had a stressful night before THE BIG DAY.
I went with Claire and Tal this morning to see him work out.
The Physio Centre is very impressive.

The Impressive Physio Centre

First he started with some stretches.

Tal starts with stretches

Mad Mike has taught him if he feels pain he must smell the flowers and then blow out the candles… great breathing exercises.Viki can try it with her contractions in September!
He then got to try the Tricycle, hard work but he managed to circuit the work station.

Tal tries the Tricycle

You could see how pushing the pedals made him concentrate on working certain muscles.The trike will be a big asset to his improvement once home… merci a tous en Provence !

Tal manages a full circuit of the unit

When trying to step he has no muscle tone to hold himself up and needs a lot of help, he looks much weaker there than before the op.
An encouraging sign was his ability to show slight movement twitching up his feet to burst bubbles.This is new to him and takes great concentration.

Tal bursting bubbles with his toes

All the exercises are done as FIREMAN SAM.

Fireman Sam comes down the Pole

His Physio wants to borrow a DVD to see who this character is, I wonder what she will make of THE GREAT FIRE OF TONYPANDY

He did so well with his final stepping, unsteady but flat feet within the frame he was awarded a medal (a NEMO sticker)
Back home we found Gethin had shown Daddy all his favourite games at the park.
On the road to the park is an Old Peoples Home where they sit out front on the porch in rockers.They all wave and shout “howdi” as we pass.Gethin loves to wave and someone always admires his hat.We are becoming quite the locals.
We had promised a trip to the zoo after their nap but Tal decided he wanted to stay home and do extra Physio with Daddy….. what a swot!

Tal trying extra practise at home

Since it had passed 95 degrees we let Gethin loose in an air conditioned shopping mall for an hour and gave tal some peace to work.
Daddy was very pleased with his sitting and standing to play with a train set on the coffee table.He is expecting great things tomorrow when it is Daddy and Grandads turn to go to the hospital.


One response to “Monday Monday !

  1. This kid is just fantastic, he’ll be running the New York Marathon before you know it. love Lish

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