Hi folks, impressed you are still with us, thanks for your support it keeps me going.We did hit nearly 200 views one day and average over 100 per day so we have a great support team.Thanks for all the nice comments .They are posted each day too if you want to read them.
So today was dad’s day at therapy.
For the first time Tal tried the treadmill and managed four minutes.

Tal tries the treadmill

With one exercise he had to take three steps forward then three back which was also a first.

Tal tries walking backwards

He completed a BUZZ LIGHTYEAR PUZZLE by reaching up on a high table.

Climbing to do Buzz Lightyear puzzle

Finally the bike ride but a bit tired today to match his pedalling yesterday.
Claire and I took Gethin to a different Park, there are several in walking distance and this one was really beautiful surrounded by impressive houses.Gethin loved the children’s area.
After lunch and nap the big treat was to drive to ToysRus.
As a reward for being good today the boys were allowed their special wallet of dollars from Aunty Judith and Uncle Pete.
Tal bought a MONSTER TRUCK LIGHTENING McQueen and Gethin a CARDINAL’S baseball bat and ball (a small sponge version for those of you who know Gethin)
As we have said the days are falling into a pattern but are still very tiring.

Three tired boys ready for bed


6 responses to “Tuesday….ToysRus

  1. I can just see you all, after boys tucked into bed, relaxing with a glass of wine and asleep in two minutes…
    Love reading the dailies.
    hugs to all,

  2. When is Tal going to experience Darth Vader? We will be ready for him! May th force be will you all!

    Judith & Peter

  3. Angela and Keith

    So pleased to keep track of you all via the blog. It is such a good read – better than the newspaper !! Tal is such a brave and determined little boy. It is heartwarming to read about his progress.

  4. You must all be exhausted! It’s so exciting to hear about the fantastic progress Tal is making. It’s amazing what we take for granted, like walking backwards or even walking at all. I hope the grown ups are managing to have some fun too. X

  5. Jenny & Graeme

    Hi Marilyn and family,
    Thank you for your blogs. It’s great to be able to be kept aware of Tal’s progress. He is certainly a little fighter, and is making the most of this wonderful opportunity. Coral enjoys being shown the pictures and text. Like Ester says, enjoy your time in St Louis, and take care of each other. We look forward to seeing you next time.
    Love from Jenny, Graeme, Laura and Coral.

  6. Ester Laushway

    Hello Marilyn,
    Now that Tal is on the mend, I won’t be leaving you comments every day, but I’m thinking of you all and love following every step Tal makes on the road to recovery.
    What a wonderful facility they have in St Louis — it sounds like a fantastic city all round.
    Now that things are settling down, I hope you all get enjoy your stay there.
    Warmest regards,

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