Wednesday’s Child is full of Woe

This is an exaggeration it wasn’t all woe but Tal woke at 6-00am, the sun was bright and so was he.Unfortunately by 11-00am he was really too tired for his Physio.
Mike used his new monster truck to tempt him to walk up a ramp.

Tal tries walking up and down a slope

He then sat him on a bench which he tipped in each direction to see how he kept his balance.Tal DID NOT LIKE THIS!
We then tried a sit on stool with wheels he could scoot with his feet.Despite mum , grandma and Mike all scooting like maniacs on our own scoots in a race…Tal DID NOT LIKE THIS!
We then tried to get him walking with his walker.Claire had to bribe him with chocolate raisins.
Finally we reached the treadmill.

Mike sets Tal in the treadmill

Yesterday Tal did 4 minutes but today Tal DID NOT LIKE THIS!
He had “jello legs”
Mike then said he had heard one of the other kids was playing with the monster truck.

Tal decides to walk to check out his monster truck

The problem was the timing he was tired and getting hungry so we asked if there was any chance we could change the timings…..tomorrow he starts at 8-00am so he is already in bed … no ‘lie-ins’
We had promised to meet the boys in the Zoo which is just next to the hospital for lunch.

Tal enjoys lunch with grandad

Gethin had already seen the hippos and loved the Zoo.

Gethin at the Zoo

Sadly by then Tal was so tired Daddy and Grandad took him home for a nap.Thank goodness the zoo is free so he can come another day to enjoy it.
We stayed with Gethin as he loved the Train.

Zoo Train

By riding the train round the zoo he got to quickly see most of the animals and as I said we will go back when Tal is a bit better.

Gethin on train with Mummy

Tal had a good sleep and played with the toy train set instead.

Tal plays with train set

We have been given a contact with a family here whose son had the same operation with Dr Park years ago.We hope to meet up to compare notes and see how their son has progressed.
Early start tomorrow and hope for a more successful session at the hospital.


2 responses to “Wednesday’s Child is full of Woe

  1. Poor Tal. It must be so hard for him. Let’s hope the earlier time helps.

  2. Liz Chevalier

    Must be normal that boy Tal. We all get worn out and he certainly has a good reason to say the big NO!

    Reading and watching everyday the progress. So exciting for you too. and is mom worn out too?

    lots of bisous to you and family Liz

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