Thursday….. best day ever!

OK I admitted yesterday I am prone to exaggeration but it was pretty damn good!!!
Jon and Claire were up early to take Tal to the new appt at 8-00 am for Physio.This meant Gran, Grandad and Gethin had a lie-in and didn’t stir till 8-15am so a great start.
Tal was full of energy and did really well.
He was challenged to use his walker and step up and down over an obstacle.

Stepping over Obstacles

He then had to do some squats showing how hard he could push against Mike.

Tal working out at Physio

He was then tested on a special machine to see how well he could kick out.

Mike impressed with Tal's kicking results

The session went really well so it was decided Tal deserved a treat.
Many people have recommended THE MAGIC HOUSE, see including Uncle Hefin.
This house was owned around 1900 by wealthy stockbrokers from St Louis.

Ahouse with History

It was donated by their family for a children’s museum.

The Magic House

The Front of the House

It is now very much a hands on science and imagination stimulation centre for kids. Now there will be lots of photos to show what a great time we had.Tal spent much of the day on his feet so extra work out without him realizing it.

The doors from Alice in Wonderland

Boys looking like they are in a Casino shooting Dice

There was so much to do they really didn’t know which way to go next and we had trouble keeping up.The grown ups had fun too.

Mummy and Tal in a Giant Bubble

There were lots of chances to make music.

Tal making Music

There were lots of rooms for imaginary play.

Shopping in toy Supermarket

Tals favourite was driving the ambulance and playing in the hospital.The doctors coat said St Louis Children’s Hospital which was really cute.

Fixing the car...he even changed the wheels

Just look at Doctor TAL and his assistant Doctor Gethin.

Doctor Tal on his rounds

Doctor Gethin in scrubs

Dr Tal shows his ID

Gethin’s favourite games involved balls and water.

Gethin's favourite ball game

Huge Water Play Tank

So as you can see we had a great time and will probably go back next week as there are rooms we didn’t get into and didn’t get to the outdoor areas at all.For those with access to our Flickr accounts there are even more photos there.It was so nice to see the boys enjoying themselves so much.
But maybe I should change the title to the BEST DAY EVER….SO FAR, after all tomorrow is another day.


2 responses to “Thursday….. best day ever!

  1. Hi
    Hugo Jarrett arrived Thurs. 23rd. 8lb 7 ozs. Bonny and beautiful [of course].Grandparents happy and relieved.
    Glad everything is still going well with you all.
    Ann + Nigel

  2. Tal, you give me strength to go to l’Ecole du Dos this morning.I was feeling very lethargic about it but after reading about your efforts I shall just have to go and work out. Lots of love to you all. Lish

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