Friday…. lets celebrate the week end

Not so many photos today or writing but wait till you see what I HAVE got.
Gran and Mummy on the hospital run and a bit apprehensive as we were back to an 11-00am slot.
Today was Blair and she started off on the treadmill.Tal was not enthusiastic so as promised Claire put a FIREMAN SAM episode on her phone so Tal could show Blair and sing the song.This took his mind off the machine and he stepped for quite a while with nice flat feet.

Tal starts with the treadmill while watching FIREMAN SAM

Spurred by this success

Tal tries the treadmill backwards

she decided to see if he could walk backwards. She was surprised and impressed that he could.
She decided to see if he could manage with sticks.At first he didnt get the idea of pressing them into the ground for support then…

Tal tries out the sticks

It wasn’t long before he started to get the hang of it and with Blair just ready to catch he was very proud of his standing.

Look at me I'm standing

Not satisfied she pushed him further .She put the pieces of a puzzle in one place and three steps away the puzzle itself.

Tal takes first steps with sticks

We were so excited I took several photos.

Look at me I'm walking!

Blair has let us borrow the three footed sticks just for the weekend to show Daddy but we hope to get some of his own,

SuperTal walking

He was tired but really pleased with himself.He even showed off that he could kick a ball while balancing on the sticks.

Tal tries football

He could have asked for the moon today but after lunch and nap the treat was just as good.The boys had their first trip to the cinema.
We did have Mum and Dad sitting next to Tal , he wasn’t abandoned as it looks in the photo.

Waiting for the main feature.... not yet released in Europe

We took them to see DISNEY’S CARS 2.They sat transfixed. Tal looks forward to earning all the toy cars featured in the film by working hard in Physio next week.
They are now in bed exhausted and the adults are collapsed on the sofas with cups of tea and coffee.We have to admit we ALL enjoyed the film!


3 responses to “Friday…. lets celebrate the week end

  1. Hilary Thompson

    Hi, just caught up with the blog and thrilled to see the progress being made, Tal’s a wee star. Mum has been here for a couple of weeks and she sends her love, she’s enjoyed looking at all the photos and says you and Richard haven’t changed at bit. We’re off to Paris this week to help Fi move into her rabbit hutch so all go as usual. My love to you all and glad Richard will be able to carry the extra suitcase home! Hilary and Mikexxx

  2. Superb stuff I cannot wait for Tal to tell me what happened. I so glad you all enjoyed it even Gethin sitting trnsposed that is a small miracle. I hope the physio continues to well today. Love Grandad 2

  3. Wow, wow, wow, that is just so fantastic. Well done Tal

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