Saturday Market

Just for those who don’t know the normal routine.Tal starts and ends each day with “stretches’ a physio routine with mum or dad he has been doing since his diagnosis.Already Claire and Jon can see how much more relaxed he is and how in the last few days his strength is beginning to slowly build.
The week ends do not have Physio sessions at the hospital but we have recommended exercises to try at home.
We went this morning to a Farmers Market at Tower Grove Park.

Farmer's Market

We enjoyed chatting to an English lady who sold scones and told me how to make my own clotted cream.. wait till I try that it France.

Queens Scone stall
As well as yummy food there was a great duo playing country music.

Country Music

The atmosphere was wonderful , full of young families enjoying the week-end.
The boys discovered the splash pool, a great opportunity for Tal to try stimulating those feet.

Tal looking for a shoot of water

Tal had great time.

There she blows !

Gethin loved it so much he quickly got soaked.

Gethin clothed and very wet

Just look at the fun he had.

Soggy Gethin

He laid in the water, he rolled in the water, he loved it!

Almost Swimming.... the nappy weighing him down

He screamed when we finally dragged him off for lunch.Opposite the park was a cafe called the LOCAL HARVEST .. fresh , local grown produce that was really good.The best eat out we have had so far.Worn out we took the boys home for a nap.
Later we got back to exercises for Tal.

Tal tries sticks and football

We stayed in the back yard and worked with Tal.

Walking with Sticks

We follow the suggestions given by the physios.

Tal tries kicking the ball

Gethin likes to join in.

Gethin in the garden

Tal is set challenges, standing for ten, kicking five times, arching twenty times etc.

Tal kicking the ball for dad

Standing with sticks while counting to thirty

We also make up challenges for Gethin , but being good is sometimes too much to ask.

Gethin joins in

Tal arches his back to let cars run underneath.

Tal exercises by arching

We also used up our hosts treadmill, holding Daddy’s hands and at a low-speed he has managed about four minutes.
Tomorrow a bit of fun and more work .It seems a good formula.


3 responses to “Saturday Market

  1. Fantastic to see such good progress and that you are all managing to have some good fun too. I’m pretty sure it’s also very tiring so take care all of you. We’re off on holiday to Corsica tomorrow so I’ll catch up when I get back – am looking forward to finding out where Tal is up to by then. Love J xxx

  2. I can see how hard you all are working — what an impressive team effort. Also great to see Tal’s flat feet position. He’s such a trooper! Both boys have had so many incredible and enriching experiences these past months; I love sharing some of them via photos and blogs. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for these updates – it is great to see Tal progressing so quickly and lovely to see that the whole family are managing to have some fun times too. Take care, Meg (GP trainee colleague of Claire)

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