Monday and back to work.

Today was an eleven appointment so a gentle start.
Have to say something about the neighbourhood here….. we expect to meet Mr Rodgers any day , in other words it’s really nice.There is a great sense of community everywhere we have been in St Louis.Lots of volunteers and evidence of fund-raising and participation in local projects. The city is full of young families and the parks , museums etc are exceptionally welcoming to children.
This morning dad and granddad went to the hospital.Tal needs to use muscles that he has not had need to use ever.This means they are really weak of course, especially his abdominal muscles to hold his torso steady.

Reaching and standing steady

He then tried doing the crab ,that is side stepping along the wall.This is the one he will practice tonight at home.

Side Stepping

There was then another game which involved reaching for toys which is to strengthen his hips and tummy muscles.

Reaching again.

It was then time to see how the practice with the sticks had improved with the extra work over the week-end.

Back on the Sticks

Blaire then got him to stand for a count of five till steady then take a step forward.

Balance then step

He spent a lot of the session giggling and had a great time.Blaire was really pleased , so when he got home Daddy’s bag was so full of magic another car was waiting.This time Francesco racing car from the new film.[daddy’s magic bag leaks out magic with naughty behavior from the boys.Gethin’s potty training is going so well he got a playdo set today)

Tal gets a new car

The boys had lunch and a nap . Richard and I went to the Post Office to send off a couple of Cook Books.One to Linda Wissler.The rate here is good if you know anyone in the USA who might need one.
Once the boys woke up Tal had reached the date he could get his back wet, so we had bought a paddling pool.

Gethin loves the water

Tal had a great time in the pool and is now happily asleep after a physically demanding day.

Tal enjoys the Paddling Pool


2 responses to “Monday and back to work.

  1. Ester Laushway

    I may move to St Louis — it sounds absolutely woderful!
    You’ve also convinced me of the usefulness of blogs — marvelous, in the right hands!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Can’t believe how fast he’s progressing from our perspective. Thanks so much for continuing to update. Me and Avalon read both blogs each morning over breakfast 🙂

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