Tuesday and toilets

You know I always talk of toilets when abroad so here goes.
First, only in the USA could I take our toilet training grandson to a toilet block in all the nearby parks and find them adequate, quite clean , well supplied , and usable.
Second , there are downsides to this training.
One is dashing to use the downstairs loo and being faced with the training seat firmly attached, another is to have to solemnly wave “bye bye” to any contents while Gethin flushes, and finally to have to stand down just as we are about to leave , for that final visit to the loo. Any requests to leave, eat dinner, bath,or go to bed prompts an urgent need for the loo.
Claire asked yesterday how I got the boys potty trained through the night. Yesterday I spent hours searching for post cards I had placed somewhere safe 30 mins before…. she has no chance of me remembering 30 years ago!
Sorry!….no more of that….. today an appointment at 9-00am with mum and dad.
Tal started by doing a puzzle over a roll which strengthens his mid section.
Then sitting to standing picking a frog off Blaire’s head to throw it and knock down some bricks,

Tal stands to get the frog

Tal then rescued mummy from a fire in a tower by walking up a slide with his hose.For these exercises Tal sings his own theme tune….. “do de do” which sounds like the tune from FIREMAN SAM .Blaire finds it hysterical.
He used a weighted shopping trolley as his fire-engine to rescue daddy.

Fireman Tal to the rescue

He then used a squatting machine to be a rocket.

Rocket Tal

He then pretended to be a Pirate hunting for treasure. The tune changed to the OCTONAUTS. He managed standing , walking and even pointed forgetting he was then left holding only one stick.

Tal Standing

We then headed for GRANTS FARM .It was very hot and there was a long queue ,it was bad timing!
Having worked so hard Tal was tired and didn’t really enjoy it too much . However he loved the ride on the Carousel.

Boys on the ride

Gethin loved the Ride

Back home for a nap then an hour in the paddling pool before tea and bed.
We were all too tired to cook so tracked down one of the famous pizza houses .The St Louis Pizza is thin crust and there are several family run restaurants near us.We recommend PIZZA-A-G0-GO check wwwpizzagogo.blogspot.com. The owner claimed he was from Sicily.Richard claimed his Sicilian connections and we got extra olives!


3 responses to “Tuesday and toilets

  1. I think Richard was chancing his arm !


  2. Hi
    I agree with Carol, but I don’t think I have the courage. It’s too hot. Feeble excuse isn’t it

  3. Hi, Sounds like the toilet-training-tyranny, fortunately a temporary syndrome! Love your descriptions and anecdotes. I need to do some of Tal’s stomach muscle exercises; he is an inspiration!

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