Wednesday.. Split Shift

Today was awkward as Tal had one of his few 2-00pm physios.Claire and Jon decided to take the boys to the park early to fit in a quick midday nap for Tal before his work out.
We, the grandparents decided to go downtown to visit places the kids wouldn’t like.
We parked at the Union Station.It used to be the biggest in the world but sadly no trains stop here anymore and it is now a hotel and shopping complex. An echo of the great days of train travel remain in the main hall.

Main Hall and bar

The outside architecture was inspired by CARCASSONE, it was pure Victorian OTT, but ghostly and sad without the bustle of Grand Central NEW YORK.Fabulous stain glass windows.

Beautiful Windows

Impressive doorways

It’s another example of how proud folks are of their city and trying hard to preserve its history.

Train Station fro another Era

We then walked a few blocks to another historic building.The only original domestic building left in this area.
THE CAMPBELL HOUSE….seriously! The wealthy owners ,Robert Campbell, ( originally from Scotland then N.Ireland came to USA in early 19th century) had 13 children but only three boys lived to adult hood, none married or had children , so the original house and furnishings were almost untouched.It is now maintained by volunteers and donation and is a real time capsule.
We got back for lunch and change-over.Grandad and dad to the hospital.
Tals first test was foot stimulation.

Walking on textured stepping stones

Once brave enough to do this with the walker he tried the sticks.

Standing on funny textures with the sticks

Look at those Flat Feet

Next Blaire set up an obstacle course for him to reach the final puzzle.

First up steps to the slide

Head first over and down

Kneeling tall to fit in the pieces

He made this trip several times till all the pieces of the puzzle were in place.As a reward he got to have a short go on the swing.

The next job was to balance and stand steady on the sticks.To prove it he had to take one hand off and throw a bean bag at some skittles.

Standing and Throwing


Another chance to walk that wall.

Walking The Wall

Finally Blaire tried a new exercise called Crocodile where he lies on his side an snap his knees shut on a toy.Tal lay down,told her that he was a bit tired and would just take a little rest here! Needless to say Daddy decided to do extra practice on this one at home.
Tonight we finally got Jon and Claire to go to the cinema while we put the boys to bed. Now home they found the Art deco experience a little bizarre but hopefully may venture out again.


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  1. I have so enjoyed reading this blog I have only found it today, thankyou so much Marilyn .I will read it .daily now

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