THURSDAY…. truely HOT ! 40 ℃/ 100℉

Morning physio with Gran and Mum. Tal full of beans and chatter.We started on the treadmill.Sideways walking to get him thinking of moving his legs separately.

Side Steps on the treadmill

Thinking of which muscles are needed for each movement is tricky.It helps him if you stroke the correct muscle.Blaire suggested we could use an electric toothbrush.

Stamping on Lightening Mc Queen

She challenged him again to try walking backwards.It is the weakness around his hips which hold him back and building up his muscle strength will take time.


He completed a jig saw with the pieces at one end of the wall and the puzzle the other.This took several trips and was quite tiring.

Scooting for muscle strengthening

He enjoyed scooting on his tummy, maybe next week he can get to sit on one.

Rocket Squats

Tal took Gran on a trip to the moon on his Rocket (several times).
After physio we went back up to the ward to see another three year old from the UK who had the op this Tuesday.Their little one was still dozy and wired-up in bed.The parents were cheered up to see Tal so active and chatty.
After nap it was pool time while Claire and Jon went shopping.The pool is in the shade but even late afternoon it was very hot.

Gethin in Sprinkler

As you can see Gethin loves the water.

Pool Time

The heat got to Tal a bit.He decided to stay indoors to rest his voice before he might try some home tactivities (physio).
When Jon n Claire got back with useful things like milk and apple juice etc, Dad had been seduced by a new toy that twirled balls and then shot them in the air on water spout.
Time to go back outside and get wet before dinner.

Gethin loves the new toy

Weather forecast is hotter for tomorrow…. good job we have an 8-00am appointment.


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