Friday…. Meet RAMBO TAL !

We cannot believe another week has gone by.We are very cosy and relaxed here and as you know have a steady routine but Tal did ask when we were going home to see ….. a long list of family in Wales followed.
He started working at 8-00am with a session with Michael.Mum and Dad eager for tips on how best to do the follow-up exercises at home as this is a long holiday week-end.
Mike is keen to encourage Tal to build up his confidence.Just look what he decided to let him try.

Mike shows Tal THE WALL!

The challenge was to see through the window at the top.

Tal climbs the War

Daddy ran round to wave at Tal through the window.

Tal reaches the Top

They celebrated afterwards…. commandos together!

Tal and Mike

The measurement of his kicking ability had doubled, but he really exhausted himself.
Tal had strapping on his knee today to stop him locking that joint and he is not happy with it.After physio he was fractious all day.
We don’t know if it was the heat ,the strapping , or just tiredness.
We met up at the Science Museum and all started well with the PLANETARIUM.Our guide commented on what a nice quiet day it was.When we got out of the show it seemed every Summer School in St Louis had arrived.At every exhibit we were met by swarms of children in green T-shirts followed by another swarm in orange.They were all full of energy and noise.The boys were intimidated and we headed home for lunch.
SOOOOO HOT! we took some post to the post office, and that was enough.
A day at home, everyone tired .
No physio tomorrow so looking for somewhere with air-con.


2 responses to “Friday…. Meet RAMBO TAL !

  1. He is Doing really well but he was mainly pushed up that wall.

  2. They don’t mess around do they! I can’t believe they’ve had Tal rock climbing. He really is an amazing little boy.

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