Monday …July 4th Celebrations!

Everyone kept saying to us
“Have a good 4th!” So we decided we would!
We started early by going along to join in the Webster Grove Community Days Celebration.We may be in a big city but we have become very fond of the local community feel around here.Tal wore his new top.

Cardinal's Baseball Top

We drove up a street to park and found it already blocked for the parade.When we turned around the local police had blocked it behind us,and put out NO PARKING signs.When I went to ask the local patrol man advice he laughed so much at my accent, the guy with the transport truck for the horses in the parade came over to join in. Anyway they finally set Jon ,Claire and the boys with a good viewing spot and sent us off to park.As we walked back the heavens opened… rain like you only get in a hot climate, sudden , and torrential but over quickly.
Jon tried to keep dry by borrowing Tal’s poncho.

Fireman Jon

For a while the boys looked miserable.

Why did the adults bring us here?

Here are some photos of the parade, our American friends can feel homesick.

Flags lead the Parade

Lovely horses from the Brewery

Gethin had decorated his hat especially.

Gethin enjoys the Parade

More Horses

Marching Bands

Veterans from WWII

A Local Church on Quad Bikes

We then headed to the local park.

Fair for July 4TH

We had a burger for lunch courtesy of the local Lions Club which was very good.Sadly after overnight rain even inside the tent was like Glastonbury.
Not deterred the boys enjoyed some rides.

Gran enjoys the Fairground

Tal drives a racing car

The boys shared a jetski

A Ride with Mum in a balloon Basket

Finally winning a toy on a shooting gallery (water pistols)

Family Competition

We then ALL needed to get home for a rest.
Late afternoon and a little recovered we got out the flags!

Toddler sized Flags

We got ready to BBQ.

Eating out on the Decking

We started to cook…. sorry to all the vegetarians but there was a lot of meat. Chicken,spare ribs and sausages.

Meat,Baked Potatoes and Corn on the Cob.

The boys were enjoying all the American traditions.

Great BBQ

Jon and Richard tried one of the local beers.
We could not miss dessert.

Colourful Cakes

Tal really enjoyed himself.

Tal flag waving

Gethin enjoying Cake

The boys are now in bed and will hopefully be so tired they will sleep through the fireworks.We make jokes about everything in America being bigger but with the fireworks its just LOUDER !


One response to “Monday …July 4th Celebrations!

  1. I miss American cupcakes and parades and parties. I think we should but Jon one of those ponchos for Christmas, he suits it so.

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