Tuesday… Tal’s progress

Early physio so we stayed home with Gethin who woke in a ‘lively’ mood.
Jon and Claire were very pleased with Tal’s performance after his holiday break weekend.
Tal got his new Barney coloured Sticks…. purple ones but there was a bit of a glitch…. one was higher than the other so they have been sent back and he is using the borrowed ones again.
He then did puzzles stretched over an egg then sitting and standing to get the pieces off Blair’s head to strengthen his abs.He did very well with the standing and balancing.
He then progressed to standing with the sticks. Next he did steps with Blair’s support squashing playdo balls to make pancakes.
By doing well he steals magic from Blair’s bag which she collects for Barbies to put in his bag to magic more cars.
He then wanted to go play hide and seek and managed FOURTEEN STEPS with his sticks!!!!!!!!!!

Trying out the Barney sticks

He then managed FIVE MINUTES kicking the ball on the treadmill.
Blair was very impressed and told Daddy the magic bag was definitely full. (he now has a yellow Corvette)
The splints had not reached the hospital but the guy who made them arranged to meet up in a car park so Tal could go for his new shoes.

New Ankle Splints

They are impressive, special cushioning on pressure points inside, moulded to his foot shape, perforated for lightness and comfort, grip pads on the heel and toe so he can walk comfortably with them indoors.
Not to mention the flame flashes on the velcro.
After the nap we went to the Mall to look for shoes.

Transport in the Mall

They were very good in the shop we had been recommended ,but there was not a great range in shoes wide enough for his feet plus splints.

Trying on Shoes

Sadly Tal wasn’t happy with any of the shoes and only wanted to get back in the bus.

Happy boys in the Bus

We will try again later in the week.There is another early physio tomorrow.


2 responses to “Tuesday… Tal’s progress

  1. Loving the shopping bus – how fab is that?!! Looks and sounds like Tal is doing amazingly well – he really is an inspiration! x

  2. I want my own shopping bus! How annoying that the sticks weren’t ready but the splints sound amazing. Good luck with the shoe hunt. X

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