Thursday… upstairs ,downstairs

I was trying to explain Tal’s problems to my Mum.It isn’t just that there are some muscles weak because they haven’t been used but imagine someone asking you to waggle your ears, you can really concentrate, stare at the mirror, try will power but for most of us we haven’t a clue how to get them moving.For Tal some instructions baffle him.
This morning with Dad and Grandad ,Mike tackled stairs.

Tal tries going upstairs

The complicated movements to go up stairs are even worse for going down.Especially since Tal has been taught like any baby to turn and go down backwards.


He found this manoeuver frightening but managed to reach the bottom.

Tal makes it to the bottom

Mike then decided to see how he managed with his sticks, and was pleased with how far he managed to walk.
The next challenge was a ramp.

Walking up a ramp

Again the difficulty is walking down.

Walking down the Ramp

Then it was back to the treadmill for side steps.

The special child size treadmillwith video screen

He did 5mins forward.

Tal on treadmill

Just look at these two GOOD FEET.

New Feet in New Shoes

Tal works hard

Sideways walking

A final session on the rocket and Tal was so tired he went to bed straight after lunch.
Richard and I went out to explore while the boys had a nap.
We visited Central West End to see some of the boutiques , restaurants,and bars.The houses north of Forest Park are quite beautiful, many in tree-lined private roads.The Tivoli film theatre in the Loop area has the original ticket office and decor.An old guy was laboriously putting up the coming attractions letter by letter with a pole on the sign above the entrance.
We tried “FRO_YO” frozen yogurt .A self-service bar of “Mr Whippy”
machines each with different flavours.You pipe in as much as you want from each, then go to a selection bar of fruit, followed by tubs of toppings. You pay by the weight of your tub… interesting!
An early 8-00am appt tomorrow…. then the weekend off.
Only one week to go.. amazing!


One response to “Thursday… upstairs ,downstairs

  1. Sounds like your weather is similar to what we have in Georgia. Activities still possible, but timing critical. Wonderful to see how much progress Tal has made in just 3 weeks. Your ear-wiggling analogy gives good insight, and makes each accomplishment that much more significant. Bises to all,
    love, Carol

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