Friday… we’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo !

NEWS FLASH..Gethin made it into the local Newspaper report about
July 4th.Look under blog roll on right for link to click on.
Tal has been nominated by Welsh local paper to help carry the Olympic torch on part of the leg through Wales.
Tal had a good session at the hospital.The new Physio Nicole went through all the exercises Tal normally does at home and was impressed at how well he could manage them.He did some good walking with his sticks and then got back on the big bike.This time he managed it much better.

More Confidence on the tricycle

She suggested more exercises to give him a greater challenge over the weekend ,so we will see how he goes.
We all met up after Physio at the zoo to have our first proper visit.We invested in a zoo pass each so we could use all the extras and make the visit worthwhile.We started with the train.

Tal strapped in on the train

Gethin loves the train.

Gethin on train

We saw Giraffes , monkeys, zebras and the morning went by quickly and happily.After lunch we spotted a 3D MOVIE on the adventure of a turtle.Both boys love the Octonauts(children’s TV about under the sea)
so we went in.Somehow we were split up and Claire and Gethin ended up several rows behind us.Glasses on all went well , the turtle hatched and swam to open sea, there were several near escapes but towards the end he was attacked by a shark .In the silence a wail went up behind us,
” Nooooooo …. TURRRRR TULLLLL!”
“Daddeeeee… get turtle!”
We could hear Claire reassuring,
“It’s OK turtle safe”
But the sobbing and wailing got worse even though we had now seen the turtle reach the beach and a new batch of eggs hatch.
When we got out tears ran down his face “Daddeeee Turtle!”
We dashed to the shop, four frantic adults on a mission.
“Do you have a turtle?”
We found a really cute one who is now kept safe by Gethin his name is Sandy.

Gethin protects his Turtle

To cheer him up we went to the children’s section and splash park.We were thrilled at how well Tal joined in.

Tal ready to get wet

Everyone got involved.

Guessing where the water spout would come next

Making new friends

We then visited the goats.

Gethin brushing the goats

Tal was really brave.

Tal meets the goats

Finally we took the boys to the Carousel.

Tal on Carousel

Gethin with Daddy.

Gethin on Carousel

When we got home the boys had tea and bed….. of course the turtle trauma was not forgotten.Sandy is in bed with Gethin where he is safe.

Bedtime with Turtle Sandy


2 responses to “Friday… we’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo !

  1. Thank you, thank you! The news and updates are exciting in so many ways, and you are building a wonderful visual record of this period. Bravo!

  2. The Campbell family will never cease to astound me. Let them loose somewhere and they immediatly get into the local press!!
    What fun for Tal if he does get to carry the torch. He deserves it after all the hard work he has been doing. Love to all. Lish

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