Saturday.. .. our ‘at home’ day.

We have developed quite good team work here now. The boys, all four, went out to the park,Claire tidied and shopped for more at GUEY LOUIE and I cooked lunch.We had visitors which was exciting.Tal showed off his new walking with sticks and Gethin petted the dog Corky. Arthur was a great hit especially with Tal.

Tal with Arthur and Mickey

We enjoyed sharing lunch with the Arthur and Mickey.Tal decided Mickey needed to learn the names of all his new cars.

Naming all the Cars

The boys loved the attention but we adults managed a good chat while they took their nap.
It was a lovely relaxing day with new friends.
Tal is gaining so much in confidence just look at this.

Tal needing less support

After an hour splashing in the garden it was tea and bed for the boys.Jon and Claire went to the airport to met the physio from Wales and take her to her hotel.We are thrilled to report they phoned to check the boys went to sleep OK and have decided to stay out and get something to eat.


2 responses to “Saturday.. .. our ‘at home’ day.

  1. I can’t believe how beautifully straight he is standing! We are so looking forward to having you all back and seeing first hand the amazing difference in Tal and chatting to the now very vocal Gethin. Xxx

  2. Wow that photo of Tal standing up is quite something. Can’t believe how much progress he’s made – and still one more week to go!

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