Sunday… funday

Today we decided to have fun so started with the famous ARCH which we still hadn’t visited.

Ready to go up the top.

The Arch stands on the edge of the Missouri River

To ride to the top is a tram consisting of enclosed capsules , nothing like the London Eye,


Tal decided it was a rocket.
On the top Tal showed off by using his sticks

Tal on sticks

Here are the views either side.

No Paddle Steamers today

As you can see it is very flat you can see across the State.

City-side and the Cardinals Baseball Stadium

Next was the downtown City Museum… this is nothing like your idea of a museum.

Wire walkways spill out of the building

Shells of aeroplanes , buses , fire-engines are connected by metal tubes and walkways.

Outdoor play area

Adults try to keep up with their youngsters.Veterans wearing gloves, kneepads and carrying torches,Inside the building is a maze of tunnels.One slide goes three stories from the roof to the ground.

Outside is a mix of industrial site and fairground

Inside Gethin was raring to go.

Gethin wants to go climbing

But Tal was tired after an early start and needed a nap,We began to think it would be too much for him.After he re-charged his batteries we found a new very confident Tal.

Tal goes climbing

We were amazed to see Tal start climbing, poor Jon felt obliged to follow.

An almost vertical spiral

There are several photos as we were so impressed, he has always been such a cautious child.

Tal almost at the top

This is definitely NOT a soft play are and the kids love it.Tal was infected with the sense of adventure.He decided to go along a tunnel at ceiling height.

Tal on the ceiling

He then had to come down a snake slide.

Tal in Tunnel Slide

There was then a train driven by a midget ( is this PC ?) which was surreal designed by someone on magic mushrooms …Tal and Gethin loved it,but it will give me nightmares!

Train Ride

The adults had a go climbing outside and came back cooked.

Tal appeared through a tunnel under the Railway

In many places everyone had to crawl Tal was so much faster than everyone he thought it was great.Jon had trouble keeping up and was exhausted.

Dad and Tal exploring

Gethin found his way into the fire engine.

Gethin steers the Fire Engine

The whole place is bizarre, unique, crazy and exhausting.It was an amazing experience and another impressive surprise that St Louis has to offer.
Early night tonight as there is an early Physio and the post op assessment by Dr Park himself tomorrow afternoon.


2 responses to “Sunday… funday

  1. What a wonderful city! You all seem to be doing amazing things especially Tal!

  2. I’m exhausted just reading that, not to mention the vertigo from the view from the top of the Arch.
    Tal continues to astound me, he’s brilliant.

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