Monday …. records broken by the heat and Tal.

First the heat was exceptional… Actual temperature was 99 degrees but with the humidity or heat index we were told it would feel like 110, they were right.
Tonight at 10-00 pm it is still 85 degrees. Richard ,Gethin and I barely left the house.We tried a quick trip to a park with a splash pool and fountain. Gethin spent half an hour under the fountain but it was still too hot, so we scurried home for the air con.
Local news tonight tells of a saggy trouser ban, youngsters fined for showing underwear above their trousers. The mayor, who voted against it worries the council will be ridiculed for this ruling. Pity the poor officers trying to enforce it.
But on to more important news. The physio was at 9-00am with Mike and Tal was ready to go, ready to try each new activity with enthusiasm.He started by showing Mike how he could get out of his wheel chair himself and walk with his canes.He asked if he could walk up and DOWN the stairs. Then the treadmill for ten minutes followed by the climbing wall and even managed a couple of steps holding only ONE hand. Mike was very impressed by his confidence and increased strength.

Tal tackles the Wall again

Tal then came home for lunch and a nap before his important meeting with Dr Park.
Tal was very keen to meet up again with Doctor Park, he was very excited when he arrived.He got out of his chair and walked with his sticks to see him .Dr Park said,
“He is the most welcoming child I have ever met”

Tal greets Dr Park

He showed him his new flexible feet without the shoes and splints.
He felt his legs and observed how he could raise each foot.He was impressed and felt now he needs to work on building his strength using his sticks and continue the physio for stretching. He then performed to show how he could cross his legs and raise his arms.
He then went over to talk to Dr Park , he said
“Thank you for making my feet better” and gave him a hug.

Tal thanks Dr Park

Dr Park said that he was confident he would eventually walk independently, and take his first steps within a year.He has made Claire and Jon promise to contact him the day Tal takes his first steps.

A very happy family

Dr Park is coming to the UK next March for a party with some of his staff to catch up with all his former UK patients.It should be quite an event, Claire and Jon already have tickets.


8 responses to “Monday …. records broken by the heat and Tal.

  1. I’m a mess, a mess of joy, tears and appreciation for all I’ve experienced vicariously, and for the sheer wisdom of 3-year-old Tal. He says it all.

  2. Such amazing news! After not daring to hope for the best for so long and then to hear Dr Park talk about his progress so positively… It’s just fantastic.

    And Tal showing himself to be the absolute hero of it all yet again! A very special little man indeed

  3. This is just overwhelming, I’m in tears too.
    Don’t burst Vicki, you’ll make a mess on the wall!!but I know what you mean, the Campbells are really something.

  4. Aww, this made me cry…. twice! Once reading it and once telling someone who asked about him!

  5. This is just too wonderful for words. I am moved to tears. Thanks for the wonderful updates and pictures.

  6. I’m welling up reading about what Tal said to Dr Park – as no doubt he was too! Tal is an amazing little boy and what you’ve all been through over the last month is an inspiration! Hope we can catch up again once you are home.x

  7. That’s the best news we could have hoped for. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon xx

  8. I can’t believe how fantastic and wonderful this news is. I’m so proud of my family right now I could burst! Can’t wait to see you all. X

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