Tuesday… Graduated with Honours but back to work

Despite yesterday’s excitement Tal was back at work 8-00 am this morning. Everyone a bit groggy after a bad night…. just too hot and muggy to sleep even with the air con.
There was a bonus ,a special present mum and dad gave Tal last night went with him to Physio.

Buzz Lightyear at Physio

With Buzz watching Tal worked really hard.

Eight minutes on the Treadmill

After eight minutes marching forwards he managed two and a half minutes backwards!
Next he became a character from Bob the Builder and pushed a roller to Squash bean bags.

Pushing the Roller

After a long walk with his canes he had fun in the ball pit with Buzz.

Ball Pit

We were warned today would be hotter than yesterday so after the nap we waited for shade in the garden and let them in the pool.
Tal tried surfing.

Tal tries standing on a surf board

The boys were very happy in the water and we were relieved when it began to cloud over.

The best place to be

Trouble came getting them out for tea.

Tal tries surfing on his own

Gethin has been working really hard with his potty training so mum and dad felt he deserved a present too.For those who don’t know the other character in Disney’s TOY STORY is the cowboy WOODY.

Gethin with his new toy WOODY

He is very happy with it.

COWBOY GETHIN..... yeeee haaaaa


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