We have realised today we are starting to say goodbyes and it is not easy.Each physio session this week is for the last time with each of the team. Such a strong bond has been forged with our little Mister Sunshine , as I said even Dr Park on Monday seemed to have noticed what a special little boy we have.
Today was a last time with Erica.

Tal shows Erica how well he can manage his canes

She challenged him with an obstacle course starting with a balance beam.

Tal tries walking on a beam

The treadmill was made more difficult by putting it on an incline.
Next there was fun cleaning foam off a mirror while standing on a wobble board.

Tal on wobble board

This was such fun even WOODY joined in.(after all Buzz got to have fun yesterday)

Foamy Woody

It was then time to say goodbye to Erica.

Farewell Photo with Erica

Late this afternoon we packed a picnic and headed to the park for an evening concert. Margaret ,Tal’s physio from Wales came with us.She is the first NHS physio to come out to study with Dr Park’s team…. we are very proud of here specially as she HATES flying.
We settled early and pitched camp while the boys headed for the splash areas.

Picnic in the Park

Weather was warm but not too hot and we had taken the bug spray.

The concert was gentle blues and ideal for a warm summer evening.

Outdoor Concert

This is a very popular venue and the park quickly fills.

Families enjoy the concert

Tal really enjoyed the music “dancing” in his chair.

Enjoying the Music

Sadly it was our last time with Arthur who has been taking such good care of us.

Family says farewell to Arthur

Tal gave Arthur a special hug.

Farewell hugs

The next few days are going to be difficult.There have already been tears shed ,break out the paper hankies.


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