Thursday……… a real milestone.

The family was off to Physio before the grandparents and Gethin got up this morning.
As I said yesterday it is a week of goodbye’s and I forgot to feature the good-bye to Nicole.

Nicole says Goodbye

Two of the physios have seen more of Tal than the others.Today was “MAD MIKE” or as Tal calls him “GOOFY MIKE”.
Here Mike is getting Tal to boof/kick the ball at him.

Soccer or Football

More walking on the treadmill but a re-try at those stairs and today with much more confidence.

The tricky job of going downstairs

Finally there was the goodbye photo.

Good-bye to Mike

Mike is one of the physios coming to the UK with Dr Park next March for the UK re-union and celebration party.Hopefully the family will meet up with him then.
Just an aside about life here.In Europe we stress about chip and pin and card security.Here we have gaily been signing on credit cards for each other , no-one has ever even checked our name or signature.Relaxed but a little worrying.
This afternoon Tal was very tired and had along nap. He woke up keen to do some activities while Gethin played in the paddling pool.
To our amazement Claire convinced him to try walking holding just one of her hands.Jon whipped out his phone and took a short video.He has put it up on Facebook already but it is part of a short film that will go up on the web page blog as soon as he can get sorted.

You can click on the link at the side titled “TAL STEPPING OUT”
Four steps at least with one hand in his pocket.How incredible is that!
I will try to get some photos tomorrow as we are all going into physio as it is the last one and to say goodbye to Blaire.
By tomorrow there should be a link on the Talsgoodfeet site with Vimeo which traces Tal’s progress here.Settle down with a box of hankies.


2 responses to “Thursday……… a real milestone.

  1. I can’t believe he managed to walk holding only one hand. He’s made such unbelievable progress in just one month, imagine what he’ll be doing next month. There has been a lot of dancing and smiling in this house. Can’t wait to see you all soon. X

  2. Jenny Chalklin

    Hi everyone we have followed Tals progressover the past month and are so very pleased for you all,especially Tal. We very much look forward to meeting such a very special little boy.
    Love to you all
    From Aunty Coral, Jenny, Graeme, and Laura

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