Friday …. last hospital visit.

Since it was Tal’s last visit we were all invited…… even Gethin.
He worked hard for Blaire and showed off for Margaret.

Walking more confidently with sticks

As he was busy Mike passed by and we had a special”magic bag” for him.

Mike with framed photo of him and Tal

There was also a new toy for his dog.Mike then got to meet Gethin and the famous turtle which goes everywhere with him.You always need to be on the look out for sharks!

Gethin introduces turtle

Tal was back at work when Mike found him to say goodbye and thank you.

Bye to Mike

While Tal worked Gethin explored the treatment room.

Gethin joins in

Tal enjoys being the centre of attention and had three pretty ladies watching him.

Claire,Margaret and Blaire cheer him on

Gethin looked for his own amusement.

Gethin finds a dumb-bell

Tal got onto a wobble board for a game of Skittles.

Skittles from a wobble board.

Meanwhile Gethin persuaded Grandad to help him climb the wall.

Gethin climbing

Tal showed how he can pull his knees to his chest

He then tried walking to Blaire, very tired his poor legs collapsed.

Tal collapses

Tal was not daunted and got up again to give Blaire a hug.
He told her “I love you so much Blaire”

Hugs for Blaire

He was then promised to ride the bike all the way to the hospital shop.It was time for Blaire’s magic bag to appear.

Tal gives Blaire her bag

As well as her photo Tal had given her a tiny princess dolly which had been the threat what would happen if Tal didn’t work hard.

Blaire gets her dolly

At the shop Tal shows Blaire his favourite cars.

Tal's last shop visit

At the end of the session they videod his mobility to compare with pre-op.Their target had been to get him standing with canes and as you know we smashed through that one fairly quickly.
A dash home to start the tidy up and pack.Margaret left this afternoon thrilled with her visit and ready to share her experiences with other Welsh Physios.She even got to watch two of the ops this week.
We played a tag team watching the boys after their nap while the others packed.

Tal tries the adult treadmill in the house

Favourite activity was the pool which needed re-filling.

In the water while it re-fills

Tal is so much more relaxed, even around Gethin.

Tal in the pool

We had grandad on pool duty but Gethin thinks he is Fireman Sam.

Grandad on fire?

The boys have been very happy both inside and out back of the house playing.

Garden Fun

While the boys played the adults kept busy.

Gethin digging

Jon has put together a wonderful video in tribute to Tal and all those who have helped him.Despite technical problems he now has it on the Vimeo page of Tals web page.Once he gets home he knew he would not have the time to do it…. work on Monday.

So just to prove it click here on “TALS SDR JOURNEY”

The Bags are packed

We had the usual last meal, eat out or take out, we got take out.

Our last dinner in St Louis

There will be no blog tomorrow as we travel but I will put up my last post of this incredible journey once the family set off from Heathrow for their drive home to Wales, jet lag permitting of course.


3 responses to “Friday …. last hospital visit.

  1. Like Judith, I have shed many tears of joy and emotion over the weeks you have been in the States.However, most of all I’d like you to know how much admiration I have for the Campbell family and what you have all achieved throughout this adventure.
    Looking forward to seeing you back in France soon.
    Bon voyage
    Love Lish

  2. I’ve just watched Jon’s video and shed many tears! All of you have played such dedicated parts to help Tal achieve his potential – this is only the beginning! Love to you all.

  3. Bon voyage. What a grand adventure, with more exciting chapters to come…and, there’s no place like home!

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