Saturday /Sunday …. homeward bound

Well we left the house securely locked and garden watered.There is a heat wave on its way and we are happy  to miss it. We are sad to leave the city that has given us such a great welcome and of course Tal his new feet. Tal was very excited to be going home.

Tal at the airport telling Daddy about the trip home.

We arrived at St LOUIS in time for lunch and then onto Chicago for snacks before leaving 8-30 for the UK.

Gethin snacks at Chicago

Tal snacking

We were pleased to see a new British Airways plane waiting for us.

Plane Waiting for us

We were even more pleased to get an upgrade to premium class with bulkhead seats… result!

Boys settle in for overnight flight

Although we left at 8-05 pm for a six hour flight Gethin only had a short nap .We arrived at 9-30am UK time which for us was 3-00 in the morning.There was quite a welcome…. Andrew, Jessie and Isabelle,Victoria, Rob and Avalon with balloons and banners!

Welcome Committee

There was a general commotion of hugs and photos.

Chaos at the airport

Tal was keen to show off his new skills.

Tal shows Uncle Rob how he can walk

The girls were very excited.

Uncle DREW helps the girls see what is going on

Avalon greets Aunty Claire

We decided to celebrate with coffee and donuts while Jon’s car was fetched from the parking.

Welcome coffee

After a strong black coffee they were ready to go for the drive back to Wales.

You mean it won't drive itself?

We have heard Claire’s family, other Nanny and Grandad, brother , sisters and families were waiting for them in Wales. Hopefully tonight they will sleep well because there is work tomorrow and a school appointment to sort out Tal’s place for September.
Thank you all for following this adventure, your comments have encouraged me to keep going.To keep up with Tal’s progress check his web site from time to time. We hope you enjoyed the video.
We all look forward to going back to a life of anonymity but will continue supporting the other children heading to St Louis for SDR.
We hope the treatment will become well established in the UK but regret that UK kids will no longer have the experience of going to St Louis and meeting the wonderful people there.


4 responses to “Saturday /Sunday …. homeward bound

  1. Marilyn, we feel so honored (honoured, I guess?) to have been a part of your adventure in getting Tal’s Good Feet. Thank you for including us in your entries and at the same time keeping it low-profile. I agree with Steve Lee’s comment that your photos and writing are fun and even maybe addicting to look at! We, of course, have a vested interest in your family’s well-being and comfort. We’re thrilled you’re back home and getting back to the swing of things in your exciting lives! Lots of love —
    Amy, Al, and Sander

  2. I miss my daily updates. x

  3. Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated on Tals progress, it has been fantastic. Looking forward to seeing Tal back at Trintiy soon. Thanks again Sarah

  4. Thank you so much for the daily blog it has been our lifeline to what is has been going on in St Louis. Your photos and writing style are really entertaining which has added wonderfully to our experience. My Mum has already told me how much she is going to miss her daily dose. People accross the Library in the University and at our church have also found it wonderful. It has kept them all up to date with Tal’s progress, whether they have dropped in everyday or just now and again. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    Steve and Audrey

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