Sunday in Provence

Checked the blog this morning and was amazed how many people are still looking at it though I haven’t posted anything for a week.
Decided to fill in for those interested what happened last night.We have stayed close to home this week adjusting to the time zone and just settling in.In the village, which I love, the lady in the little Supermarket, the baker, the post office have all been asking about Tal.My French has had to get back in gear quickly. Last night was Opera in the Village Hall,many people from the village have good connections and we get some very high quality performers. The tenor and soprano who sang were wonderful. It’s a bit like Ballamory…. everyone was there in the audience. At the end the mayor got up on stage and before he thanked the performers he announced the news about Tal’s successful op in the States….. I cried.
After in the foyer the Social Committee poured local CAVA and toasted Taliesin’s health, (pronouncing his name was challenging) I cried again! They are looking forward to seeing him walking round the village next year.I am truly blessed.


3 responses to “Sunday in Provence

  1. It was brilliant getting daily updates about Tal, I seen him last Sunday in Church, it was fantastic seeing the progress he has made. Thanks again for all the updates
    Sarah x

  2. Jenny & Graeme

    We became quite hooked on following Tal’s progress and enjoying your narrative and photos. Hope you have a great summer in Provence, you’ve earned it !

    Love from all.

  3. How lovely! You really do mix with some very special people out there. X

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