Sub Zero Provence

I told you about the snow…. my mother cannot believe it snows in the South of France so here is the proof.

House in the Snow

The vineyards are transformed.They are taking a well-earned rest. We hear on the grapevine (sorry) the harvest was a record for quality and quantity.

Chilled for Rose

We stayed home all week happy with the views especially at sunrise.

The garden is surviving without the song of cicadas, in fact very little bird song at all.

The snow melts in midday sun

The snow is beginning to disappear but it is still freezing cold.When we ventured into Aix today most of the market was empty ….too cold to set up stalls with too few shoppers about.The fountain at the end of the Cours on the Rotunde was bedecked with icicles.

My arty picture of the icy fountain

Even the fountain sourced from the thermal waters deep below Aix had been attacked by the cold.

Icicles on Fountain

After a pizza and tarte tatin we headed back to the fireside to watch the rugby.Weather should warm up mid-week…….Good I have all the pretty photos I need .Roll on summer .The blossom buds on the almond trees are ready to go.


2 responses to “Sub Zero Provence

  1. Snap, same weather as Berlin.The Vicki above is probably your daughter who I recognized on one of the past photos, she has your face. I wish I knew which of all the men, who all look very similar, were your two sons. The one with Tal, obviously. Do both of the boys look like Richard?
    Love Susan

  2. Beautiful photographs! I hope we manage to come out and visit at this time of year again some time. X

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