Life in a Freezer

Woke this morning feeling my head was in a freezer.By 9-00am in full sun the temperature had risen to the dizzy heights of minus 15. I decided the only way to survive was to restock with more cheese, red wine, cake and lots of chocolate…. what a diet !
At the local supermarket I was horrified to see the circus was in town. They still travel with animals in France.A container size cage at the side of the car park contained three tigers another three lions… unbelievable, I need to contact Bridget Bardot.
Back home we decided to light the fire. The blast of freezing air coming down the chimney forced the smoke back down the chimney to fill the living room. Finally once the flue was warm we began to win. At the moment we are fitting an old heavy curtain across the front door which is a bad fit and very drafty. News is that EDF may start a rota of black outs as they cannot cope with the demand.How lucky we are not to live in a chateau.
So tonight I may celebrate Dickens birth and Scrooge like wear a night cap/wooly ski hat to bed, and no there will NOT be photos.


One response to “Life in a Freezer

  1. EDF provide our electricity too, and judging by the size of our bill, I think we may be paying for yours as well. So if they cut you off, let us know – when it’s back on, of course.

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