Snowy Provencal Village

Well it actually warmed enough today to walk to the village for bread.
The views are pretty so I thought I’d share.

Snow, Olives and Blue Skies

The farmers have been out checking the fields but a reasonable frost before the buds show can benefit next years crop.

Vineyards in Snow

There are days in the summer when this walk is impossible in the heat by 10am .This is hard to imagine just now.

Mountain View

Passing the village cave the silence is broken by the jangling of glass as the bottles filled with the new rose wine made from last summer’s grapes are off-loaded.

Village Cave in full Production

We return from the village triumphant. Not only did we get bread but the famous MORTEAU SAUCISSE raved about by Raymond Blanc on his TV visit to his home in France, it was stocked in our tiny village supermarket.

Famous Sausage

Enough excitment for one day you think, but taking the rally route home over the mountain late afternoon I was pulled over by four gendarmes on large motorcycles.There is still quite a lot of snow up there and it was a little reckless.I was guided backwards…. who says women can’t reverse … to a roadside pull in.
“Wait there Madame or take the side road to Rousset”
Overcome with curiosity I waited. More motor cycles, vans , cars all with flashing lights then a mini-version of the Tour de France.In freezing temperatures wearing lycra and in a tight pack of about a hundred riders they were about to hit the switchback and steep descent to Aix…. absolutely crackers!!!!!!


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