Tornados in Provence?

We had heard of a freak storm in Provence and seen footage of a tornado that had hit an out-of-town shopping  mall. There had been damage  to shops and considerable flooding  in the car parks.


A couple of weeks later while we were  still with family in the UK we heard shocking news.

After torrential rain an exceptionally strong wind had hit our valley.

Fallen tree

The local pine trees have shallow roots and in soggy ground hit by gale force wind they fall. Sadly our property has forty mature pines and overnight on a Saturday in late October eight of them  went over like a row of dominoes.


Roots were torn up skywards and the crowns of these trees hit the road that connected our village with the next.

A team from the Conseil General closed the road and lopped off the crowns allowing the trees to spring back upright.

Fence down

They cleared the road and later the drainage ditch leaving eight jagged tree trunks  in our garden. Amazingly non had touched the house , the gate, or more importantly the grandchildren’s playhouse.


No-one was hurt , we can repair the damage.We now have a clear area ideal for star-gazing but we do seem to have experienced our very own tornado!


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