We used a birthday as an excuse to leave behind hauling and chopping logs to go for a visit to the sea side.Despite it being late November the weather was glorious.
        So for all those suffering wind and rain in the UK , I would like to share some photos.

These are the magnificent cliffs above CASSIS and the exciting drive along the cliff edge into LA CIOTAT is called the Routes de Crêtes
The port has developed from a small fishing port to a busy anchorage for pleasure yachts especially over the winter.                                                  
The port packed with yachts and lined with restaurants is a picturesque place to have lunch.

Behind the the little harbour winding streets hide small restaurants and boutique shops.

Plants dying off for the Winter in our village garden are still flourishing, flowers still in bloom.
Each corner reveals another gem.
We like to eat with a view of the beach…. Almost deserted!
We spotted at least half a dozen swimmers and several sun bathing wearing swimsuits in the shelter of the sea wall.
We had a wonderful lunch
    Mussels, followed by grilled Dorade, but then my new a time favourite dessert,

A CAFÉ GOURMAND  gives you the chance to try lots of small sweet treats with your coffee.
It’s my new way to rate restaurants sometimes the most simple places make this a grand finale to the meal.
Ah well now we must start to pack up ready to head back north for Christmas.
A busy few days in the village but I will save that for another blog.


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