Marseille Magic

  Marseille is a place to be avoided at the moment and I am quoting the locals. If you do venture into the city if is a bit chaotic to say the least , building and roadworks  disrupting traffic and rumours of gang warfare with Kalashnikovs.

         Still the beautiful architecture  rises above it all and the old port peeps out seductively through the traffic jams.
It’s not the sort of city with large department stores concentrated in one wide boulevard.The best shops are little gems  tucked between traditional butchers and shoe shops.The French pâtisserie are full of delicate pastries , a concoction of fruit, cream and spun sugar. After you have been in France for a while you crave solid Anglo American treats, so this was a real find.

This wonderful place is  MINOOFI BAKERY
    104 rue PARADIS 
Perhaps this poster sums up their ethos,
A range of teas and delicious coffees are server with exceptional home baked goodies.

The selection of cupcakes ,brownies,muffins,cheesecakes and cookies are popular with the locals.

If you can tear your eyes away from the sweet stuff , toasted bagels  are on offer with various fillings.


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