St Victoire on the Wild Side

We often receive interesting emails from our French neighbours while we are on our travels.They often remind me of the phone calls from our teenage children….”everything is OK but…..”

The latest just before Christmas had a great tale to tell. We had mountain goats in our garden!
Many hikers on the St Victoire access the trails form our village.

During the summer the mountain is best viewed from the valley bottom as the high slopes are banned due to fire risk.

After an horrendous fire in the past ,goats and sheep were re-introduced to keep down the highly flammable scrub.
In December a group of hikers came down through the village “surprised ” to find they had been followed by a couple of goats.Our good friend in the village , and keeper of the house keys decided to put them in our garden for safety.

He really is a very kind soul, how he got a creature with such huge horns to go anywhere is impressive.The goat herd was sent for .After a bit of a panic by us that the few garden plants we have struggling for survival may not escape , the goats were tethered.

A couple of days stay and the goats were re-united with the herd on the mountain by a very happy goatherd..

Just before Christmas a news bulletin in La Provence announced an attack on sheep by a wolf pack around Vauvenargues which is on the opposite slope of the mountain to us.The wolves first re-introducedin Italy are spreading west into France and have evidently reached our mountain.The goats were not so stupid after all….. Hiking will take on new challenges in the Spring.
How amazing would it be to hear wolves howling from the house.
May I take this chance to wish everyone Happy New Year for 2013
We look forward to enjoying Marseille as a European City of Culture launched in a few days time with a wave of sound through the city.
Sadly after raving about the new museums and events planned the SUNDAY TIMES reporter returned to his car in Marseille to find windows smashed and contents stolen…. Tourists watch out for the human wolves in this edgy city !

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  1. It’s a sign! You should start ‘The Good Life’.

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